Rock Spring Cave

Rock Springs Cave - Rockspring Cave - Printed Circuit Cave

Useful Information

Location: Near Albert Town, Trelawny.
Open: All year Mon-Fro 9-17.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: helmets with headlamps provided
Guided tours: D=3 h.
Address: Rock Spring Cave, Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency (STEA) Ltd., Cockpit Country Adventure Tours, Grant’s Office Complex #3, Albert Town, Tel: +1-876-393-6584. E-mail:
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Rock Spring Cave, also called Printed Circuit Cave, is an easy horizontal cave with many speleothems. The tours are offered by an environmental "agency", who where founded to protect the Cockpit Country. They are fighting against bauxite mining and other threats to the area, and to increase awareness they offer cave tours which are dubbed ecotourism. As a result the cave was not developed, there is no electric light and only natural trails.

One of the main topic during the tour is the history of the Cockpit Country Maroon warriors. They used hideout caves, camouflage and guerrilla warfare to defeat their British enemies. We do not know if the caves were strategically important, but their fight was finally successful. The guides are descendants of Maroons, which is not that awe inspiring, as probably all locals are such.

One chamber of the cave is called Meditation Room, located in the midlle of the cave there is no light and almost no sound to disturb you in feeling the essence of your spirituality. Other sights are a cave lake and the endemic cave animals. A unique cave animal we could not identify is the legendary bacon ram. Probably a translation error. At least we guessed the meaning of the name Printed Circuit Cave: its the maze like structure of the cave.