Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Useful Information

Location: Brighton, southeast of Negril
Open: All year daily 9-sunset.
Classification: KarstKarst spring
Light: n/a
Guided tours:
Address: Blue Hole Mineral Spring, Brighton District, Negril 00000, Jamaika, Tel: 876-860-8805.
Matt Lamoureux, Tel: 781-696-4897, Fax: 800-266-9455. E-mail: contact
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2007 first explored by Wabba Clayton and Matt Lamoureux.
2008 start of development.
2009 opened.


Blue Hole Mineral Spring is actually a collapsed cave, a doline, with clear blue, limestone rich water at the bottom. The spring was known by the locals, but it was not visited. Actually it was no problem to jump into the water, eight meters below ground, but it was impossible to climb up the steep walls and leave the pool afterwards.

Wabba Clayton grew up in this village and when he met Matt Lamoureux, an American making holiday at Jamaica, he showed him the place. In September of 2007 they first entered the doline to explore, using a rope ladder to climb out of the hole. They decided to develop it for tourists, on one hand to allow more people to see and enjoy this beautiful spot, on the other hand to give the locals a source of income.

The place has been developed with a fixed ladder into the spring, a swimming pool nearby fed by the spring water, and a bar and restaurant provides food and drinks. A road was constructed to the spring. At the moment the venue is very new and still a sort of insider tip, but this changes rapidly.