Inazumi suichu shonyudo

Inazumi suichu Limestone Cave

Useful Information

Location: Mie Cho
Open: All year daily 9-17.
Fee: Adults JPY 1,600, University Student JPY 1,200, School Children JPY 1,000, Elementary School JPY 800 Yen. [2007]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Bibliography: T. Nishida, M. Ota, T. Zotsuka, A. Sugimura, A. Fujii, T. Haikawa, K. Yoshimura, M. Noda (): Geology and Speleology of the Inazumi-yama District. Mie-machi, Ono-gun, Oita Prefecture, Japan, Journal of the Speleological Society of Japan, Volume 2
K. Yoshimura, K. Urata, H. Schwarcz, D. Ford (2003): U-series dating of a speleothem from Inazumi Cave, Oita Prefecture, Japan, J. Ion Exchange, 14 (Suppl.), 225-228,2003.
Address: Inazumi Limestone Cave, Mie Town, Tel: +81-974-26-2468.
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1976 discovered by cave divers from the .
1977 opened to the public.


Inazumi suichu shonyudo is a river cave with many sumps. It was discovered only 30 years ago by cave divers. After two sumps the cave divides into two branches, the left one is dry and developed as a show cave, the right branch is water filled with several more sumps. Both branches are about 200 m long.

The cave entrance is the spring of a small river, which produces 30,000 to 40,000 m³ per day. It is a tributary of the Nakatsu river.