Ohtaki shonyudo

Ohtaki Limestone Cave - Otaki Shonyudo

Useful Information

Location: Hachiman-tyo
Open: All year daily 8:30-17. [2007]
Fee: Adults JPY 1,000, School Pupils JPY 800, Elementary School JPY 500.
Groups (15+): Adults JPY 900, School Pupils JPY 700, Elementary School JPY 450.
School Groups: High School JPY 400, Junior High School JPY 350, Elementary School JPY 300, Kindergarden JPY 250.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: VR=110m, L=2,000m.
Guided tours: L=800m, D=30min., self guided.
Address: Ohtaki shonyudo, 501 - 4205 Gifu prefecture, Gujo city, Yawata Cho, Hisashi rice field 2298, Tel: +81-575-67-1331, Fa: 0575-65-3950. E-mail: contact
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Ohtaki shonyudo is a large cave, listed as the 26th deepest of Japan. Its outstanding sight is an underground waterfall, which is 30m high and thus the highest in Japan.

The cave entrance is high up at the hill, and it is reached from the ticket office by a funicular, a cable car on rails.