Ryuga Cave - Ryugadou - Dragon River Cave

Useful Information

Location: Sakakawa
Open: Dragon river cave: MAR to NOV daily 8:30-17, DEC to FEB daily 8:30-16:30.
Museum: MAR to NOV daily 8:30-16:50, DEC to FEB daily 8:30-16:20.
Spelunking tours: after appointment. [2012]
Fee: Adults JPY 1000, High School JPY 650, Elemetary School JPY 500.
Groups (30+): Adults JPY 920, High School JPY 550, Elemetary School JPY 400.
Spelunking tours: Adults JPY 1000, High School JPY 1000, younger children not allowed.
Museum: free.
Bird station: free.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric.
Guided tours: Spelunking tours: D=90min.
Address: Ryugadou Preservation Group, 782-0005 Sakakawa, Tosayamada-cho, Kami-gun, Kohchi Prefecture, Tel: +81-887-53-2144, Fax: +81-887-53-2145.
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1931 cave discovered.


Ryuga-do has fine speleothems and numerous archaeological remains. Around the cave entrance pottery from the Yayoi Period (300BC-300AD) was found. There were sherds, animal bones, and shells in one corner of the entrance, and a water jar to collect water dripping from above in the other corner. The archaeological remains are on display in a small museum at the cave entrance. There is also a Onagadori bird station and both, museum and bird station are free.

In the maze-like cave more than 100 species have been counted so far. Beneath cave visitors like bats there are true cave animals like blind crabs.

The cave offers spelunking tours, locally called Bouken or Adventure Course. Participants get helmets and headlamps. The tours are possible only after appointment.