Baekryong Donggul

Baekryong Cave

Useful Information

Location: Maha-ri, Pyeongchang, Gangwon
Open: After appointment.
Fee: Day trip from Seoul: Adults WON 35,000 ($31.29).
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch, helmet with headlamp provided
Dimension: L=12,000 m.
Guided tours: L=1,560 m, D=2 h.
Address: Baekryong Donggul, Tel: +82-33-333-6600.
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1976 discovered by Jung Moo-ryong.
JUN-2010 opened to the public.


Baekryong Donggul is known for a very long time, but originally only a 200 m long piece of the cave was accessible. A local boy discovered a small hole at the end of the known passage. The hole was only the size of a fist, but there was wind blowing through the small hole. He persuaded four of his cousins to help him expand the hole with hammers and chisels. They worked for four days to dig a hole big enough to crawl through. With some of the first battery-powered flashlights which made it to this area, the boys discovered the rest of the cavern. The cave was then named after Mount Baekun, where it is located in, and the discoverer Jung Moo-ryong, by concatenating the the first syllable of the mountain (Baek) and the last syllable of the discoverers name (ryong).

The cave was explored during the following years, but was accessible only to cavers. It was later declared National Treasure No. 260. In 2010 it was opened to the general public on cave trekking tours. However, the cave is not developed and the number of visitors is restricted to 150 per day. Tours are organized from Seoul, including transportation to the remote village and the cave tour with necessary gear. The tour requires waterproof attire and a helmet with headlamp.

The mouth of the cave is located in a cliff face above the Dong River. In the past it was accessible by boat only, but today there is a 300 m long steel-framed wooden stairway to the cave entrance. The guided part of the cave is is actually a huge almost straight passage some 780 m long. It starts with the original cave entrance. After about 100 m the cave passage is filled with water about knee high. 100 m further is the place where the artifial entrance was created. The tour ends at a huge chamber with impressive speleothems, after about 780 m. Then the visitors have to go back the same way they came in.