Sipja Donggul

Shipjagul - The Cross-Shaped Cave

Useful Information

Location: Haegeumgang island, Hallyeo Marine National Park.
Boats depart from Haegeumgang, Dojangpo, Hak-dong, Gujora, and Chungmu.
(34.733590, 128.685390)
Open: All year daily.
Fee: Adults KRW 1300, Children (14-19) KRW 600, Children (0-13) KRW 300.
Classification: SpeleologySea Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=280 m.
Guided tours: boat trip
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Haegeum Marine Ocean Park, Tel: +82-55-632-8787.
Jangseungpo Cruise, Tel: +82-55-681-6565.
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Sipja Donggul (Cross Shaped Cave) is an impressive through cave, with two passages which both run through the same rock island. They cross each other in the middle of the island, hence the name. The passages are 100 m long from east to west and 180 m long from south to north.

The cave is at water level, and it is visited on boat trips to the island. In rare cases, if the water is very calm, the tour boat is able to enter the cave. There are several pages on the web which talk about "Buddhist and Shamanist sculptures can be found in the cave". That's sheer nonsense, despite it was even copied by Wikipedia. This is a rather small sea cave and there is seawater which has tides and storms and tsunamis. At most times the cave is too full of water for a boat to enter. Any sculpture placed inside this cave would not survive the first year, probably not even a month.

Haegeumgang island are two close limestone towers, which are generally put together. It is called the Geumgang (Sea Diamond) of the South Sea. The summit of the steep island is called Ilweolkwanam (116 m asl), and is promoted for its fine views of the sunrise, sunset and moonrise. The whole island is only 0.1 km² big. The limestone forms characteristic cliffs like the Saja Bawui (Lion Rock).