Oung Kao Rao

Tham Kao Rao - Kao Rao Cave

Useful Information

Location: Near Ban Nam Eng village, Vieng Phoukha District.
Open: On guided day trips by ecoguides.
Fee: Included in day trip fee.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Address: English-speaking lead guides: Vongxay, Tel: +856-20-5985289. Somhak, Tel: +856-20-5101670.
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Oung Kao Rao (Kao Rao Cave) is located in area of the Khmu tribe. The use the word Oung for cave, so it is actually Oung Kao Rao, although the common name in Laos is Tham Kao Rao. From the village Ban Nam Eng the visitors walk along the sacred spring and through the forest to the cave. The local guides offer a typical lunch in front of the cave, afterwards the guide performs a religious ceremony to appease the spirit of the cave and to ensure the safety of th trip. Then they guide the visitors through the cave, which is said to be three kilometers long.

The cave is equipped with paths and stairs, at least in the entrance area. The visit is rather easy, there may be slippery areas but no climbing or crawling. But the hike is about four to five hours. Minimum is for the hike good shoes, mosquito repellent, sunscreen and a hat. For the caves good shoes and a torch or headlamp. Helmets are provided in the cave.