Tham Xang

Tham Chang - Elephant Cave

Useful Information

Location: Near Vang Vieng. South of the city, on the other side of the river.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: ExplainCave Church ExplainKarst cave.
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Green Discovery Laos, Hang Boun Rd, Ban Hay Sook, Vientaine, Laos P.o Box 9811, Tel: +856-21-264528, Fax: +856-21-218373. E-mail: contact
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Tham Xang (Elephant Cave) is a cave temple with a huge stalagmite resembling an elephant's head. However, it was named so after the discovery of giant bones which make clear that the cave cave once served as an elephant's lair. And of course the elephant is important to the people of Laos, so it is definitely a good idea to call a cave Elephants Cave.

This cave is actually a single chamber with several niches, which was transformed into a cave temple. It has a shrine with a Buddha statue flanked by naga, which are mythical snakes that protected the Buddha. The snakes - being mythical creatures - look actually more like dragons. The next huge Buddha statue lies and sleeps, watched by the sculptures of three worshippers.

The cave is easy to visit and being a temple open to the public, has paved floor and light. It is also part of a tour by Green Discovery Laos.