La Mine de Cuivre et le Musée Koffergrouf

Copper Mine Stolzembourg

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Location: 1,5 km from Stolzembourg, Ourtal. 6 km from Vianden, northeast of Luxembourg.
Open: Easter to 14-JUN Sun, Hol 14-18. 15-JUN to 15-SEP daily 14-18. 16-SEP 01-OCT Sun, Hol 14-18. [2004]
Fee: Adults EUR 2, Students EUR 1. Groups: Adults EUR 1,25. [2004]
Classification: MineCopper mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: La Mine de Cuivre et le Musée Koffergrouf, 5a, rue Principale, 9463 Stolzembourg Tel: +352-849325, +352-908188, Fax: +352-849081, +352-908024. E-mail: contact
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Located in the Ourtal (Our valley) near the village Stolzembourg, four locations connected with the former Koffergrouf (copper mine) are open for the public. The museum shows minerals, ores and mining equipment. The geology and the mining history is explained. At the mine starts a geologic trail, which leads to the old mine on the path which was once used by the miners on their way to work. Ten plates with explanations introduce into various topics of the mining history and geology.

The third highlight are the heaps of material from the mine. Although the ore was removed, the remains still contain minerals and small pices of ore. It is fun for children and parents to collect some souveniers. And now the fouth and most interesting part of the tour starts, the underground mine. All visitors are equipped with helemet and plastic coat and then the mine is entered in groups of 15. The visitors enter gallery No. 3 through an old water tunnel. The mine is well developed with electric light and stairs.

The visit of this copper mine is more or less a half day experience. Museum and geologic trail take about three hours, mine and mineral collecting too. It is best to reserve the whole afternoon for this mine.