Grottes Schoenfels

Höhlen von Mamerleeën - Mamerleeën Caves

Useful Information

Location: At Schoenfels, above the town in the forest. Follow
Open: 16-APR to 04-NOV no restrictions.
05-NOV to 15-APR closed for bat protection.
Fee: free.
Classification: Speleologysandstone cave SubterraneaRock Mine,
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Groupe Spéléologique de l’Attert a.s.b.l., Guy Even, Rue de la Halte, L-8715 Everlange, Tel.: +352-621-768543. E-mail:
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The Grottes Schoenfels are located in the forest between Schoenfels and Keispelt. The Luxembourgian name of the caves is Mamerleeën. While the French grotte normally means a natural cave, the Luxembourgian leeën, like the German leyen or lay means rock, in the meaning of quarry. The reality is similarly mixed up, a system of quarries and underground tunnels, but also some natural parts. Probably the natural sandstone caves were the reason why the quarrying started right here.

Even funnier is the name of the location where the caves end in the south, which is called Huellay. It consists of two parts, huel which is the Luxembourgian version of the German Höhle (cave), and lay which is the local term for rock or quarry. So you could translate it cave quarry. To the north the tunnels extend for 1,000 m.

The entrance area of the quarry is quite easy to visit. If you want to go in deeper you need a torch. Guided tours into the remote parts of the cave system are offered by the Groupe Spéléologique de l’Attert a.s.b.l. after appointment for groups. They provide basic caving gear like helmet and headlamp if necessary, but you should bring sturdy boots or rubber boots, gloves and clothes to change afterwards.