Grenier d'Aoujgal

مخازن أوجكال

Useful Information

Location: Aguerd n'Tafoukt.
(32.298002335918305, -5.835515199996625)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House GeoparkM’Goun UNESCO Global Geopark
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Grenier d'Aoujgal, Aguerd n'Tafoukt, Tel: +212-.
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The Grenier d'Aoujgal (Granaries of Ajougal), in Arabic مخازن أوجكال, are cave houses located in the High Atlas in the middle of a steep, almost inaccessible cliff. Other common names for the site are Greniers dans la falaise d'Aoujgal and Greniers de cliff d'Aoujgal. They were built on a ledge, actually a groove, formed by a softer layer of rock which is thus quicker eroded. As a result there is an indent in the cliff face, and as the layers are horizontal, the groove is also horizontal. The rocks are limestones from the Aalenian-Bajocian (170 Ma), the soft layer is marl, limestone with a high amount of clay. The local name of the rocks is Ait Abdi formation.

The ledge was used to erect buildings, which are in ruins today. Moroccan granaries or Igudar are considered the World’s oldest form of the banking system. It was established by the Amazigh (Berber) communities inhabiting the mountains in the southern part of Morocco. Each Amazigh family owned a granary and stored their valuables inside. These valuables included documents, weapons, food and jewelry. Mainly concentrated around the southern city of Agadir but also found in other Moroccan regions, these ancient Amazigh banks have existed at least since the 13th century.

The site is located on the eastern side of the واد عطاش (Wadi Atash, Wadi Attach). It is tricky to reach, but actually the outlook from which the whole cliff can be seen is only a 500 m walk from the next road. The road from Boutferda goes south along the gorge, after 7 km there is a single lane gravel road on the right which leads to the top of a hill. This is the place where all the pictures of the granaries were made. It is also possible to walk on the ledge and have a look at the cave houses. There is a trail down from the outlook to the ledge, and then the trail follows the ledge.