Đalovića Pećina

Djalovica Cave - Vražiji Virovi - Dzhalovicha Cave - Žičara Đalovića pećina

Useful Information

Location: Near Djalovica village, 45 km from Bijelo Polje.
(43.075307, 19.921524)
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=14,000 m.
Guided tours: D=4 h, L=2,500 m.
Address: Đalovića Pećina, Mreža NVO8, 84000 Bijelo Polje, Montenegro, Tel: +382-67-362327, Tel: +382-69-432701. E-mail: contact
Montenegro Turistički Centar (Montenegro Tourist Center): Tel: +382-1333.
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1979-1987 explored by the Speleological Section of the Mountaineering Association Belgrade.
2006-2009 explored by Czech cavers.


Đalovića Pećina or Djalovica cave was first explored in 1987 by the Speleological Section of the Mountaineering Association Belgrade. During two years they explored and mapped more than 10 km of cave system. 20 years later, Czech speleologists explored additional 3.5 km during four years of research. This included the dive through a 80 m long and 20 m deep syphon. The current length is 14 km [2009], and the cave still has a great potential.

The cave may be visited on cave trekking tours organised by the mountaineering and caving company Akovo from Bijelo Polje. After you met your guides at Bijelo Polje, there is a 45 km drive on a partially unpaved road to Djalovici village. Here the road ands and a one hour walk along the riverbed of Bistrica River to the cave entrance follows. The main passage, which is visited, is a through cave, the dry riverbed of a tributary of Bistrica River. Thats the reason why tours are offered only during summer and autumn. From the other end of the 800 m long through cave a trail leads up the canyon walls and back to the village from the other side. This walk takes about two hours because of the ascent along the canyon walls. The operators offer mule rides for the way back.

The tours may have different durations, they are offered for small groups only and may be varied depending on the wishes of the participants and their abilities. The typical long tour takes four hours underground and includes the Slavija, a huge chamber with enormous stalagmites.