Ti Law Ka Guru Cave

Tilawkaguru Cave Monastery

Useful Information

Location: In the center of Sagaing City.
Open: After appointment.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Church
Guided tours:
Address: Ti Law Ka Guru Cave.
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1672 frescoes painted.


Ti Law Ka Guru Cave or Ti Law Ka Guru Monastery is a series of artificial tunnels with barrel vaults. The ceiling of the tunnels and the walls are covered by impressive frescoes from the 17th century. The caves were used by monks for meditation, that's why they are called a monastery. Actually the monastery is in the buildings in front. The caves were dug to provide a calm and cool place for meditation.

The tunnels are normally closed, there are no regular open hours. Nevertheless it is quite easy to see them, one of the monks will fetch the key and guide you. If you are travelling with a local guide he will do the talking. The monks are very proud of their heritage and are happy to show it to you.

Some people are a little disappointed by the frescoes, because they are quite different from what they expect. Buddhist temples are overwhelming with lots of gold and quite colourful. This paintings are quite different, much less kitschy and really beautiful. So you are warned.