Tal-Mintna Catacombs

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Location: Mqabba.
Open: By appointment only.
Fee: Adults EUR 5, Children (12-17) EUR 3.50, Children (6-11) EUR 2.50, Children (0-5) free, Seniors (60+) EUR 3.50.
Classification: SubterraneaCatacomb
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Tal-Mintna Catacombs, Mqabba, Tel: +356-212-39545, Fax: +356-212-41975.
Reservation: Tel: +356-2295-4000. E-mail: contact
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1860 discovered by Dr. A Caruana and Captain Strickland.


Tal-Mintna Catacombs are a complex of three initially unconnected hypogea. There are numerous more similar small clusters in the area. All have typically small galleries and oven shaped tombs on both sides of the passageways. The tombs are richly decorated with scallop-shell decorations carved on the conchs, and decorated pilasters flanking the entrance. There are also eight pyramidal shaped so-called lamp-holes. There actual use is unknown. Similarly enigmatic are the agape tables, also known as the "triclinium" table, in the center of each hypogeum. Some guess the mourners held a last dinner with the deceased at this table.