Grutas de Atepolihui

Atepolihui Caves - Cave of the Four Heads

Useful Information

Location: Coxcatlán cave area. In the valley below Ecatlán. Accessible form the village of San Miguel, a half-hour walk up the river. Or walk downhill either from Ecatlán or the opposite side of the valley.
Open: All year daily 9-18.
Fee: Per Person MXN 60.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Photography: Allowed
Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible
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Grutas Atepolihui (Cavern of Atepolihui), is advertised as a cave for the whole family. Only easy climbing, no trails, no light, this is definitely not a semi-wild cave, this is a real cave trekking cave. There are regular cave trekking trips through three huge chambers of the cave.

Grutas de Atepolihui is one of the area's network of 32 km caves which can be explored. The name of the cave comes from the Nauzontla language and means four heads. The cave has some enormous passages, many of which have not been explored.