Mina de El Edén

La Mina Eden - El Edén Mine - Eden Mine

Useful Information

Location: In the city of Zacatecas, inside the Cerro del Grillo.
Open: Mine: All year daily 10-18.
Disco: Thu, Fri 16-22:30, Sat 22-3.
Fee: Adults MXN 60, Children (0-10) MXN 30, Students MXN 48, Seniors MXN 30.
Classification: MineSilver Mine, MineGold Mine. Also copper, zinc, iron and lead.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=3,000 m, VR=340 m.
Guided tours:
Address: Mina de El Edén, Dovalí Jaime S/N, Col. Centro, CP 98000, Zacatecas, Tel: +52-492-922-3002. E-mail: contact
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1546 discovery of a rich silver lode and foundation of the city Zacatecas.
1586 "El Edén" mine opened.
1960 mine closed.
01-JAN-1975 opened to the public.
2004 basic renovation of the show mine.
MAR-2005 reopened.


The El Edén Mine is probably the most important silver and gold mine in the world. Since its opening in 1586 it dominated the world market for three hundred years. The polymetallic deposit produced mainly silver and gold, but also zinc, copper, iron, and lead. The mine followed the main lode right through the hill, crossing it completely. It was worked on seven levels, but today only the upper levels are open. Levels five to seven are flooded, the tour uses level four, where three more levels can be seen above.

The tour starts with a ride on a miners train though its 600 m long tunnel Socavon La Esperanza (Hope). When getting off the train, there is a sort of underground plaza. A little cavern with an art and crafts shop to the left, a disco and bar in front and the start of the tour to the right. The Discoteque El Malacate is a well known location and opens up every night. It can be visited then without a mine tour.

The tour is focussed on the harsh living conditions of the miners and the techniques of mining. The miners life expectancy was between 30 and 40, as accidents were common and diseases caused by the mining conditions too. The mine was accessed with a system of ropes. The miners carried a load of 30 to 40 kilos of mineral on their backs out of the mine.

Exit is by elevator from Cerro del Grillo (Hill of the Cricket), 200m from the cable car station. The cable car will take you up the Cero de la Bufa (2,667 m asl) with its museum, shops, and a great view of the city. The trip can also be taken in the opposite direction, down with the elevator, through the mine and a fast ride out on the train. However, both trips are one way trips and if you have a car, you should be prepared to return to it on the surface by foot or public transport.

The mine is located in the center of Zacatecas. The name Zacatecas originates from the Nahuatl language and describes a place where grass is abundant. The world zacatl means grass and tecatl means place of. The state is rich in all kinds of natural resources.

A special institution is the underground nightclub La Mina. They say its the only nightclub in an underground mine of the world. It is located 320 m below the ground, and has the best sound and light technology.