Taxco Silver Mines

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Classification: MineSilver Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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This page is an exception to the rule, it is not about a mine, it's about a mining town named Taxco. The village Taxco is today full of hotels, silver shops, and silver museums, a result of the traditional local silver mining. Most weekends there is a silver market next to the bus station where prices are said to be about half those of the shops in the town. José de la Borda (*1700-✝1778) was a Spaniard who migrated to New Spain in the 18th century. He amassed a fortune from the mines in Taxco and Zacatecas. For a while he was the richest man in Mexico. He financed numerous buildings in the town, the most monumental is the Santa Prisca Church. In other words, the town was built with money from the silver mines.

There are at least two mining museums, but both are part of a hotel. Neither has a website, or actually there is a great hotel website, but no info on the mining museum. Online descriptions are extremely inaccurate or nonexistent. As long as we have nobody who actually visited the town, this is all the info we can give. If you were in Taxco and have recent info, please contact us.