Grutas de la Estrella

Grottos of the Star

Useful Information

Location: Near Ixtapan de la Sal, 10 km south of Tonatico. Distrito Federal
Open: Tourist route: All year Tue-Sun 10-17:30.
Cave Trekking tour: FEB-JUN.
Fee: Tourist route: Adults MXN 30, Children MXN 20.
Cave Trekking tour: per person MXN 300.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System LightColoured Light
Guided tours: Tourist route: D=60 min, max. 15 persons.
Cave Trekking tour: D=3,5 h.
Accessibility: no, 450 steps
Address: Abel Herrera Ortiz, Domicilio Conocido S/N La Puerta de Santiago, Tonatico 51950
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1934 cave named Grutas de la Estrella after a formation looking like a star.
1971 start of development by the tourism department.
1975 cave opened to the public.


The Grutas de la Estrella (Caves of the Star) were named in 1934 after a formation close to the entrance, which resembles a star. The formations of the cave are extraordinary, but unfortunately the administration tried to accent them with coloured light.

A main attraction of the cave are cave trekking tours along the underground river El Zapote, which take between three and four hours. The tours start at the cave entrance, at the bottom of a deep canyon. All participants are equipped with lamps, harnesses and life jackets. This trip is only available part of the year, but the best time is February, March and April, before rainy season starts.

Then the tour starts with a 20 m deep abseil and some more descend, until the group reaches the level of the river. Now the tour follows the river bed, showing interesting chambers with human remains. There are pre-Hispanic idols in one chamber, and remains in another chamber tell about fugitives of the revolution hiding in the cave. At the end of the tour a jump of about two meters into a pool and a swim through a pond are the final highlight.