Nacimiento del Rio Choy

El Nacimiento

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Open: closed
Fee: n/a
Classification: KarstKarst Spring
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided
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Choy Cave, Mexico, 1891. Photographer: William Henry Jackson (*1843-✝1942).

The Nacimiento del Rio Choy (Spring of the River Choy) is a beautiful place. Nacimiento translates birthplace. A road leads to a parking lot with a picknick area, right below the spring. An enormous cave entrance is the resurgence of the Rio Choy, with crystal clear blue water and impressive cliffs around.

Unfortunately this great place, impressive and beautiful, is closed for the public for several years now. The entrance is gated, and its not easy to see this place. Cavers exploring the cave behind the spring follow the nearby railroad tracks and abseil from the railroad 108 m right into the spring. An extraordinary experience. But exploring the cave requires some practice and care, as a side branch with a bat colony is said to be histoplasmosis infected.

Hopefully this place will be reopened to the public once, as it is really a great place and a fine bathing spot too.

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