Maastricht Kazematten

Maastricht Casemates

Useful Information

Location: Tours depart from the entrance to Waldeck Bastion, near Tongerseplein in Maastricht.
(50.844163, 5.680907)
Open: All year Sat, Sun 15:30.
School Holidays daily with additional tours.
Fee: Adults EUR 9.50, Children (4-11) EUR 7.95.
Classification: SubterraneaCasemates
Light: petromax lamps
Dimension: L=14,000m
Guided tours: D=60 min. Nederlands - Dutch English
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Maastricht Visitor Center, Kleine Staat 1, 6211 ED Maastricht, Tel: +31-43-325-2121. E-mail:
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1575-1825 limestone quarried.
WW II used as air raid shelters.


The Maastricht Kazematten (Casemats of Maastricht) are actually a result of limestone mining. The tunnels were created between 1575 and 1825 as a series of mine galleries on the western side of Maastricht. During the centuries the tunnels were used to approach and surprise the enemy from underground. Finally, the limestone quarries were effectively converted into a military structure around Waldeck Bastion during the 18th century. The tunnels include bombproof areas, powder rooms, impressive stairways and walkways of all types. The tour starts at the entrance to Waldeck Bastion near Tongerseplein.

The tours through the Maastricht Underground are offered all year on weekends. There are tours in Dutch and English, normally one of each language per day. During Corona the booking was made solely online through their website, where you can see the actual dates and times. Beneath the tours for individuals there is the possibility to make a private tour after appointment, at least 10 days in advance.