Nigardsbreen Ice Cave

Useful Information

Location: Jostedal Glacier National Park, near Luster, Sognfjord
Open: NOV to APR weather depending.
Fee: Ice Caves Adventure: Per Person NOK 800.
Ice Caves Advanced.
Classification: ExplainGlacier cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: Ice Caves Adventure: D=6h.
Ice Caves Advanced: D=7h.
Address: FIMBUL Jostedal DA, 6871 Jostedal, Norway, Tel: +47-99-450921. E-mail: contact
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Nigardsbreen Ice Cave is accessible only during winter, and not every year. It depends on the rapidly changing situation at the glacier and if it is safe to enter the cave. The cave is visited on guided tours which include a half day trekking to the glacier.

The glacier cave is located inside Nigardsbreen (Nigardsglacier). This is a part of Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in mainland Europe.

The tours to the cave are offered by FIMBUL Jostedal. They say the tour is rather easy, but their scale is the average ability of any Norwegian. This just means you must be physically fit, able to walk for four hours and to ski. We would recommend sufficient provision for a day tour including some snacks, enough water, and probably dry clothes to change so you will not get cold inside the cave. There are variations of the cave tour possible, depending on your ability. The longest tour includes ice climbing and requires appropriate gear.