Laerdal Tunnel

Useful Information

Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free/not tolled.
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=24,510 m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Lærdalstunnelen.
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1992 construction of raod decided by the Norwegian Parliament.
1995 construction started.
2000 completed and opened to the public.


The Lærdalstunnelen (Lærdal Tunnel) is at the moment [2010] the longest road tunnel on earth. The problem with such very long road tunnels is of psychologic nature: driving underground in a monotonous tunnel may reduce the concentration of the driver. It also may cause claustrophobia. As a result the tunnel was designed to reduce this risc. The tunnel is divided into four sections separated by three large mountain caves at 6 km intervals. The main tunnel has white lights but the caves have blue lights with yellow lights at the fringes to give an impression of sunrise. So the impression is to drive through four short tunnels instead of a single big one.

The Lærdal Tunnel is a part of the E16 highway connecting Oslo and Bergen. The main purpose of the road was to connect the cities without ferry and difficult mountain crossings, so the road would be open all year, even during the winter or storms.