ढुङ्गे बगैंचा

Stone Garden - Rock Garden

Useful Information

Location: Mahadevsthan 56200.
(27.194399570322034, 86.61058369951081)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstBare Karst KarstLimestone Pavements
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Stone Garden, Mahadevsthan 56200.
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ढुङ्गे बगैंचा (Stone Garden or Rock Garden) or बुङालुङ (Bungalung) is a typical feature of bare karst, a limestone pavement with karren. The area is surrounded by a wall and fence, and is located on top of a hill, so it also offers a great view. It is a rather new site which was developed for tourism only a few years ago. There is not much to find on the web so far, but actually its straight forward, the site is a typical karst geotope.

However, there is not much karst in Nepal, the geology of the mountains does not show much limestone, so the site is quite unique. As a result the strange place was quite special for the locals, and they attributed a lot of legends with the

The followers of Hinduism chased away Mahadev from Halesi Mahadevsthan. While he was chased by Bhasmasur, Mahadev’s footsteps fell on the hill above Kakani, and one by one, artistic fine stones grew from the footsteps.

This hill is called Bungalung by the Kiranti, because in the Chamling language ‘Bunga’ means flower and ‘Lung’ means stone. This place was named ‘Bungalung’ by the local Chamling ancestors because the rocks look like flowers.