Suddah Guffa

Sidda Gufa

Useful Information

Location: Tanahun district. 30 min walk from Bimal bazaar along Prithvi Highway.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: helmet and head lamp provided
Dimension: L=750 m.
Guided tours: V=12,000/a[2008]
Address: Suddah Guffa, Tel: +977-, Fax: +977-,
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06-MAR-2008 First Siddha Gufa Festival.


Suddah Guffa (Suddah Cave) is said to be the largest cave in Nepal. Its name is also transcribed Sidda Gufa (Sidda Cave). The cave was discovered about 20 years ago by the local Durga Bahadur Thapa and four others. Lately it has been pushed as a tourist attraction in order to draw foreign tourists. The result are some 12.000 foreign visiters in the cave last year. Since 2008 an annual five-day long Siddha Gufa Festival is organized to make the cave more popular.