Cave Stream

Broken River Cave

Useful Information

Location: State Highway 73, between the Broken River road bridge and Craigieburn Forest Park entrance. Between Arthurs Pass and Christchurch.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: none.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologyriver cave.
Light: none, bring electric torch
Dimension: L=362m
Guided tours: self-guided. L=362m, D=60min.
Address: Department of Conservation, Box 8 Arthur's Pass, Tel: +64-3-3189-211, Fax: +64-3-318-9210.
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Cave Stream is a river cave, at the road to Arthurs Pass between 640 and 650m asl. The 362m long cave is a through cave, and open for self guided tours. But it is also a river cave, and a visit is rather dangerous in spring and during heavy rains. Visitors should be very careful and have an eye on the weather. At least two visitors drowned in this cave due to rising water.

The cave is actually named Broken River Cave and the cave river is called Broken River. But Cave Stream is more popular and commonly used, even the preserve is named Cave Stream Scenic Reserve.

The reserve is located at the pass road, is well signposted and there is a carpark. Two trails lead to the upper and lower end of the cave. Several interpretation signs explain the most important facts about the cave. It is recommended to turn right to the lower, the outflow end of the cave and walk against the flow of the stream through the cave. A rather steep spot at the other end is developed with a ladder, so it not very problematic.