Underworld Adventures

The Charleston Glowworm Cave Tour

Useful Information

Location: 7368 State Highway 6, Charleston 7892.
(-41.906030, 171.439230)
Open: Underworld Rafting: OCT to APR daily 9, 11:30.
MAY to SEP daily 10.
Glowworm Cave Tour: OCT to APR daily 9, 11:30.
MAY to SEP daily 10.
Fee: Underworld Rafting: Adults NZD 195, Children (0-16) NZD 155, Families (2+2) NZD 650.
Glowworm Cave Tour: Adults NZD 130, Children (0-16) NZD 95, Families (2+2) NZD 425.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: equipment provided
Guided tours: Underworld Rafting: MinAge=10, St=132, D=4 h.
Glowworm Cave Tour: MinAge=5, St=132, D=3.5 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Underworld Adventures Ltd., 7368 State Highway 6, Charleston 7892, Free: 0800-11-6686, Tel: +64-3-788-8168. E-mail:
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1989 Underworld Adventures founded.


Underworld Adventures is a cave trekking company, a quite common thing in New Zealand. It started at Waitomo and seems to have spread all over the islands. Located at Westport they offer cave trekking trips into various caves including the mandatory cave tubing trips, which means floating down a cave river with the inner tubes of truck wheels. It seems the venue is quite professional, it was founded by experienced cavers, and the tours are safe but strenuous. Physical fitness is required, for the wet tour you should obviously be able to swim and your camera should be water tight. Dry clothes to change afterwards and a towel are also recommended.