Ha Baroana

Useful Information

(-29.362900, 27.787600)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Ha Baroana
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The Ha Baroana (home of the bushmen) is a rock shelter which was used by man since prehistoric times. About 2,000 years ago the San people, a group of hunter-gatherers who have inhabited southern Africa for thousands of years, created paintings on the walls. They show animals like leopards, lions, antelope, cranes, and guinea fowls, as well as paintings of people hunting and dancing. The paintings are faded from years of exposure to the elements, but it is still possible to make out a series of hunting scenes.

The site is difficult to reach. The last several kilometers of the road across farmland requires a 4WD. From the end of the road its necessary to hike to the cave. We strongly recommend to take a local guide or a guided day trip. Avoid the wet season, the dirt tracks become slippery.