Caverna Kambá Hópo

Useful Information

Location: Puerto Valle-Mi, Department de Concepción.
(-22.190028, -57.969470)
Open: After appointment.
Fee: yes.
Classification: SpeleologyErosional Cave
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Caverna Kambá Hópo, Puerto Valle-Mi, Paraguay, Tel: +595-971-856680.
Franartour, Tel: +595-351-230-052, Tel: +595-971-929-556, Tel: +595-984-817-664.
Arvatur, Tel: +595-351-230-657, Tel: +595-985-170-952, Tel: +595-976-815-062.
Ikatu Adventure Tourism, Tel: +595-986-363-324, Tel: +595-984-473-199.
Vallemí Tour, Tel: +595-971-856-680.
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The Caverna Kambá Hópo is located right at the Paraguay river near Vallemí hill. The cave is visible from ships on the river which travel from Vallemí to Puerto Casado, and so it is seen by many people, but as it is located at water level it is not easily accessible. The area around the karstified limestone hill of Vallemí in the Department of Concepción, with its magical caverns, is a must for nature and adventure lovers. The Vallemí hill is full of karst caves, potholes, dolines and gorges, and protected only by the small Area Protegida - Caverna Kamba Hopo. It is threatened by the quarry and cement factory of the Industria Nacional de Cemento (INC) factory to the north.

The cave is located at the foot of a spectacular vertical limestone cliff. The river flowing along the limestone cliff has eroded a typical low and wide erosional cave into the limestone. So while the hill is actually full of karst caves, this is not a karst cave. There are numerous local operators offering boat tours to the cave. The cliff faces west, so the recommended time for a visit is in the evening, to enjoy the sunset. On the other side the mosquitoes are extremely active in the sunset, insect repellent is mandatory.