Grotte de Lindéralique

Lindéralique Cave - Kanaky-Hienghène-Grotte

Useful Information

Location: Lindéralique Rocks, 4 km east of Hienghène.
Fee: Adults CFP 200, Children CFP 100.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: not necessary, bring own
Guided tours:
Address: Hienghène Visitor Information, Hienghène, Tel: 424357. E-mail: contact
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This huge dome is part of the nature park Lindéralique Rocks. The towering black limestone rocks start east of Hienghène and continue to the bay of Hienghène. The up to 60 m high rocks have sharp edges on top, typical limestone pinnacles, which are the result of intensive tropic limestone solution. There are caves and crevices, and strange rock formations.

Grotte de Lindéralique is a large cavern in one of the rocks. But the most famous spot here is Poule Couveuse (Brooding Hen), a rock formation on one side of the entrance to Baie de Hienghène.