Grutas de Salamanca

Gruta de la Salamanca

Useful Information

Location: Departamento de Maldonado (-34.03333,-54.56667)
Open: no restrictions. [2020]
Fee: free. [2020]
Classification: SpeleologyErosional Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Photography: allowed
Address: Parque Municipal Grutas De Salamanca, Aigua 20500 Uruguay, Tel: +598 99 974 977, Tel: +598 4449 2458
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The Grutas de Salamanca (Salamanca Cave) is a huge and wide cave or grotto, probably of erosional origin. It forms a nice shelter, through a hole in the ceiling light falls into the cave, but also rain water which forms a temporary brook on the floor. There are trails from the cave to the top of the hill, which offers a nice view on the somewhat boring plains. However, the escarpment has numerous strange rock formations and tiny caves.

The parador in front is currently closed for refurbishment. Its possible to camp and there is infrastructure like rest rooms and showers. But the simplest way to visit the cave is by a two hour trip from Aigua.