Salto Suizo

Useful Information

Location: Department of Guairá.
(-25.7732048, -56.2278011)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: Adults PYG 20,000, Camping PYG 10,000.
Parking PYG 30,000.
Classification: SpeleologyErosional Cave
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Salto Suizo, Calle Bruno Boeni, Independencia 5350, Tel: +595-981-113833.
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The Salto Suizo (Swiss Jumping) is a waterfall with a huge cave behind. The small river has water depending on the draught, so if you want to see a spectacular waterfall, you should go after rainier times. There is a sandstone escarpment, and the trail leads bot to the upper and lower end of the waterfall. The waterfall hits a block of sandstone, and follows its own riverbed. The block is the protruding layer of rock which forms the floor of the cave behind. This cavern is rather spacious, has a level floor, is more or less water free, though not dry. It is obviously an erosional cave created by the waterfall, a typical thing with waterfalls eroding the soft layer of the wall behind, but it's hard to explain with the small amount of water today. It was obviously formed during wetter times. Today the cave is located more than a meter above the riverbed of the lower river and not subject to erosion anymore.

The area is quite popular and has trails and outlooks, named after one Miriam Mabel. There are two possibilities to access the waterfall, either from the end of the road Bruno Boeni, which has two parking lots and the Camping Miriam Mabel. From here its about 1 km (15 minutes) walk. And on the other side there is the official trailhead and camping at the end of the cerro Wolfgang Greissel called Campamento Salto Suizo. From here its about 100 m, less than 5 minutes walk. Both the waterfall with cave and the official parking lot are located in the Reserva de Recursos Manejados Ybytyruzú. While it is closer it might also be full on weekends.