Al-Daher Cave

Zubia Cave

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Location: , Irbid District,
Open: not yet open [2007]
Fee: not yet open [2007]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Bibliography: A. Al-Malabeh, S. Kempe, A. Al-Shreideh, H.-V. Henschel, (2004): Tourisitic potential of Al-Daher cave, Jordan: A show cave of a modest design. 3rd Inter. Confr. of Sci. & Techn. In Archaeology & conservation. The Hashemite University, Abstracts and Program, p.34.
S. Kempe, A. Al-Malabeh, A. Al-Shreideh, H.-V. Henschel (2004): Daher Cave, Irbid District, Jordan, a First Assessment of this Unique Jordanian Geotop. The 8th International Conference of Jordanian Geologists Association. Abstr. Band p 200, Amman-Jordan.
S. Kempe, A. Al-Malabeh, A. Al-Shreideh, H.-V. Henschel (2006): Al-Daher Cave (Bergish), Jordan, the first extensive Jordanian Limestone Cave: A convective Carlsbad-type cave? J. Cave and Karst Studies 68 (3): 107-114.
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Al-Daher Cave is a maze cave, which was formed along two directions of clefts in the limestone rocks, which are almost