Grotte des ain Beni Add

Grotte Béni Add

Useful Information

Location: Near ain Fezza. From Tlencen towards Sidi Bel Abbes, after 12km, at the end of the village of ain Fezza turn right, 8km to parking. Signposted.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: A=1,143m, T=13°C.
Guided tours: L=600m.
Bibliography: Piers Barrington, Steve Foster, Howard Jones (1987): Algeria - Caving in the West, [in] LUSS 4, Lancaster University Speleological Society Journal Vol 2 No 1 1987 pp 85-96. Grottes des ain Beni Add, page 94.
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1953 passage filled with concrete.


This cave is extremely beautifully decorated. The visitor follows the main passage and soon enters the first chamber. This huge hall is dominated by a fine display of calcite in its centre. The fantastic display of calcite and the beautiful lighting make this an extraordinary sight. However, thats not all, there are two more chambers, a little smaller but still well decorated.

A rather strange thing happened in 1953. A passage which was said be connected to Morocco 53km away, was filled with concrete. They made it really bomb proof, as they filled in 190m³ of concrete.