Al Fayah Park

Useful Information

Location: Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street, Abu Dhabi
Open: Not yeat existing.
Fee: Not yeat existing.
Classification: Underground park
Light: n/a.
Dimension: Ar=125,000m²
Guided tours:  
Photography: Allowed
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible
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2014 construction publicly announced.


The Al Fayah Park is not yet existing. At the moment there are only plans and computer generated pictures published, but it seems it will be built in the next years. So, what we describe here is just the vision, and we hope it will describe reality in only a few years.

The Al Fayah Park at Abu Dhabi is a really extraordinary park. Actually every park in the world is artificial, the result of the work of many gardeners. This one is even more artificial as it is located in the United Arab Emirates, a desert country with almost no rain and a burning sun. To protect the plants from the burning sun and keep some of the humdity, it is located underground. So this is actually the only park in the world which is underground.

The construction is dug into the ground, the surface is then almost closed by concrete plates, each placed on top of a column. What remains on the surface is a central gap, like a 20m deep canyon with plants on the ground. The surrounding surface resembles the patterns created by drying soil, which cracks because it shrinks with the water loss.

The design of the park was created by the famous London-based design studio Heatherwick.