Yokoi's Cave

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Location: Route 1/Marine Corps Drive south, turn right on Route 4A to Talofofo. Signposted.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
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Probably the most famous inhabitant of Talofofo was a Japanese World War II soldier. He was discovered in 1972 by Jesus M. Duenas and Manuel Degracia, two fishers from Talofofo. Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi hid with ten other Japanese soldiers from the American forces in 1944. Finally he was the only survor and in his seclusion didnt hear about the end of the war for a long time. When he finally discovered the truth, he was too ashamed to go back. So he lived in a cave near Talofofo Falls for 28 years, feeding on a diet of coconuts, breadfruit, papayas, snails, eels, and rats. He made clothing from the fibers of wild hibiscus plants. After he was discovered, his story soon spread around the world and he became a celebrity. He returned to Japan and lived in Aichi Prefecture until he died in 1997 at the age of 82.

Sgt. Yokoi's cave has collapsed, but a replica can be visited near Talofofo Falls. Both belong to the Talofofo Falls resort, which is well developed.