Cueba de Oro

Kweba de Oro

Useful Information

Location: Barangay Lumbia, near Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental. 15 km south of the city, south of Lumbia domestic airport.
Guided tours: D=1 h.
Address: Cueba de Oro, Detour (Dome Expedition Tours), Gerome Garcia, Tel: +63-6388-350-9538, Cell: +63-63919-4043930. E-mail: contact
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Cueba de Oro is a rather difficult cave trekking trip. The entrance requires a 40 m deep abseil to get in. On the other hand this difficulty prevented damages of the cave by vandals. The cave is a river cave and thus the visitors will definitely get wet. The most difficult places are where the ceiling almost reaches the surface of the water, only a few centimeters of air between them. And of course the exit, which is an sump. It is necessary to dive a short distance, to reach the sunlight of a small pond, the resurgence of the cave river. Guides on both sides of the sump help the visitors to find the exit.