Malinta Tunnel

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Location: Malinta Hill, Corregidor Island, 50km west of Manila. Boarding Point: CCP Bay Cruise Terminal, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.
Open: All year daily except first and last Wednesday of month 8.
All year first and last Wednesday of month 9.
All year Sun, Hol also 10.
Fee: Day Tour: Adults PHP 1,590. Malinta Lateral Night Visit: Adults PHP 50. [2006]
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Malinta Tunnel
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1922 constructions started.
1932 bunker completed.
30-DEC-1941 Manuel L. Quezon inaugurated for his second term as President of the Philippine Commonwealth in front of the West entrance.
06-MAY-1942 Corregidor surrendered.
1988 ferry service by Sun Cruises Inc. started.


The Malinta Tunnel is a system of parallel straight tunnels connected by a 255m long main tunnel. This bunker was used as an underground hospital with a 1,000-bed capacity and a war command center. It is located on a small island called Corregidor, which lies in the entrance to Manila Bay and the harbour of Capital Manila and is nicknamed The Rock. The strategic position of this island is obvious. Its name is said to originate from Spanish times, when ships had to stop here before entering the bay, to get their documents corrected.

Originally the abandoned quarry was reactivated by a public works project in 1922, only the Chief of Coastal Artillery knew it was intended as bomb proof storage for ammunition. Some of the tunnels were top secret, their existance was disguised by telling only the necessary workmen, which were blindfolded when they were brought to work. In 1932, in the dawn of World War II the works were boosted and the bunker completed. But its use had changed. It was now primarly a hospital.

General Douglas MacArthur acquired the third lateral from the East entrance on the North side, to set up the headquarters of USAFFE. The first lateral from the East entrance on the South side was the headquarters of the Harbor Defense Command under Major General George Moore. The place was save, but with more than 4,000 occupants in tunnels which were not designed to quarter humans, the air was damp and poorly ventilated and morale was low. The people felt suffocated, helpless and trapped, being unable to fight.

On 30th December 1941 a simple and somewhat pathetic ceremony took place in front of the West entrance. Manuel L. Quezon was inaugurated for his second term as President of the Philippine Commonwealth, Sergio Osmeña for his second term as Vice-President. Malinta Tunnel also served as the seat of Philippine Commonwealth Government, the president and his family had their quarters in a lateral beside the first lateral at the East entrance.

Today the bunker is developed into a tourist attraction, as part of the development of the whole island. There are day trips and overnight trips organized by the ferry operator Sun Cruises. Three different tours are possible at Malinta, the regular tour which is part of the day trip, the night tour which shows additional parts of the bunker, and a light and sound show called the Malinta Experience. Some parts of the tunnels are equipped with original beds, shelves and equipment. Other parts are used for art exhibitions.