Muzeum Gornictwa Podziemnego w Nowej Rudzie

Museum of Underground Mining in Nowa Ruda

Useful Information

Location: Nowa Ruda, ul Obozowa 4.
Former "Piast" KWK Nowa Ruda. Between Walbrzych und Klodzko, north of Nowa Ruda city center.
Open: All year Mon-Sat 9-17.
Tours every 90 min, last tour 15.
Classification: MineCoal Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=40 min. underground + 30 min surface, L=700 m.
Address: Coal Mine "Nowa Ruda", 57-402 Nowa Ruda, ul Klodzka 27, Tel: +48-74-872 35-01 to 5 Fax: +48-74-872-60-50.
Public Committee for the Establishment of a Coal Mining Museum in Nova Ruda, 57-400 Nowa Ruda, ul Bohaterow Getta 4, Tel: +48-74-872-46-24.
Museum of Underground Mining [sic], 57-401 Nowa Ruda, ulk Obozowa 4, Tel: +48-74-872-35-01 to 5 ext 5411
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2000 coal mine closed.


This coal mine dates from the 19th and 20th centuries and was the training level for a former Mining School. There is a permanent exhibition showing shoring techniques and equipment used over the centuries. Nearby are 19th century shale roasting furnaces.

Text by Tony Oldham (2002). With kind permission.

The city of Nowa Ruda has a long mining history. During the Middle Ages rich iron ore deposits were mined. Later the coal seams became important and were mined until 2000. And there is a gabbro mine in the borough of Slupiec.