Jaskinia w Mechowie

Groty Mechowskie - Cave of Mechowo

Useful Information

Location: In Mechowo village, 10 km west of Puck. North of Gdansk, between Gdansk and Wladyslawowo.
Open: MAY-OCT daily 9-18. [2006]
Classification: Speleologyerosional cave Speleologysandstone cave Pleistocene sandstones
Dimension: A=60 m asl., L=61 m.
Guided tours: D=60 min, L=61 m.
Address: Jaskinia w Mechowie, Gminny Osrodek Kultury, Sportu i Ochrony Preciwpozarowej (Municipal Culture, Sports and Fire Protection Centre). 84-100 Puck, ul 10 lutego 29, Tel +48-58-732096-10 Fax +48-58-732737.
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1818 dicovered by land surveyor Heue.
1829 first mentioned.


Jaskinia w Mechowie is a unique cave: formed in sandstone, it is not a real karst cave. The cave and the rocks it is in, are both very young. The sand was cemented by limestone which was later dissolved by the groundwater. Then the unstable sand was washed away. There are even some stalactites and stalagmites inside, created from the limestone which is dissolved from the sandstone. This is a combination of karstic and erosional processes and unique for this cave.

It is also the only show cave in the northern part of Poland, which is not karstified.