Grutas de Alvados

Useful Information

Location: About 15 km south east of Porto de Mós, and about 3 km south of the N243.
Open: JUL to AUG daily 10-18:30.
SEP to JUN daily 10-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 5.20, Children (5-10) EUR 3, Children (0-4) EUR 1.50, Seniors (65+) EUR 4.50.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 4.50, School Pupils EUR 2.50.
Combined with ShowcaveGrutas de Sto. António : Adults EUR 9, Children (5-10) EUR 3, Seniors (65+) EUR 7.60.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 7.60, School Pupils EUR 2.50.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=300m
Guided tours: D=30 min.
Address: Grutas de Alvados, Alvados, 2480 Porto de Mós, Tel: +351-244-440787, Fax: +351-244-449430. E-mail: contact
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1964 discovered by a group of workmen, in a limestone quarry at Serra dos Candeeiros (=Mountain range of the Oil lamps).
1970's opened to the public.


From the entrance, a winding passage leads though a series of brightly decorated chambers, lakes and gigantic columns with such wonderful names as: Lake of Wonder, Room of Statues, Beautiful Bedroom; The Cypress Room, The Lake with the Bridge, and the Wonderful Planet. Finally one arrives at the exit tunnel which leads to the Snack Bar and Gift Shop!

Text by Tony Oldham (2002). With kind permission.