Peştera Liliecilor

Peștera Mare - Peștera Badichii

Useful Information

Location: Peștera 507136.
From Moieciu de Jos (DN73) follow DJ112G north to Peștera. Short trail from the Pensiunea Peștera, 10 minutes walk. Munṭii Căpăṭânii (Capatanii Mountains, literally: Mountains of the Skull).
(45.507500, 25.292463)
Open: APR to OCT no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Jurassic limestone
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=162 m, A=950 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
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1957-1958 first archaeological excavations.


While officially listed as a show cave, Peştera Liliecilor (Bat Cave) is actually a show cave Romanian style. In other words, it's a huge passage with level floor and trails left by former visitors. No lights, no guides, no open hours, and no fee. In other countries this would be called a wild or semi-wild cave. We listed about a dozen of those caves, especially those with many visitors, as they were de-facto show caves. While most of them actually became show caves during the last 20 years (with financial support from the EU), this one is still in a semi-wild stated.

The name is quite generic, there are actually hundreds of "bat caves" on Earth, plus the one where Batman hides. The cave is also known as Peștera Mare (Great Cave) or Peștera Badichii (Badichii Cave). The namesake bats are responsible for layers of bat guano and the characteristic stech, and old clothes and clean clothes to change after the tour are a good idea. We also recommend gum boots and a helmet.

While the cave is not closed by a gate, it is a national natural monument and should actually be closed. Specialists from the "Piatra Craiului" National Park argue that the cave should be closed completely to protect the bats. But the cave is under the jurisdiction of the Moieciu City Hall, who want to turn the cave into a tourist cave. So if you really have to visit this cave, please be at least careful, do not litter, do not destroy anything, and leave the bats alone. According to European law it is forbidden to enter bat caves during the winter, from November to March. All bat caves in the European Union are closed to protect hibernating bats.