Lacu Záton

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Location: Ponoarele
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstKarst Lake KarstPonor
Light: n/a
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Lacu Záton (Lake Zaton) is a rare but typical karst feature, a vanishing lake. The lake is connected with the ground water table which changes heavily during the year. As a resut the depression is filled with a lake when the karst water level is high, in spring and after very heavy rains, and it is dry the rest of the year. The rain water is often collected on the surface, the karst is filed with mud which is waterproof. But when the water reaches the ponors or swallow holes at the rim of the depression, the water rushes underground in a mighty stream.

Above the ponors lies the entrance to the Pestera de la Podu Natural (Cave of the Natural Bridge). This huge passage is a sort of overflow drainage for the lake. If the water rises heavily, it flows into this huge passage. As a result the water never rises above the level of this cave, some 30 m above the ground of the lake. This cave entrance is called Întrarea de la Záton in Romainian.