Pestera Valea Cetatii

Valea Cetatii Cave - Peștera Valea Cetății - Peștera Fundata

Useful Information

Location: 1.5km from Rasno, 7.5km from Poiana Brasov.
(45.582273, 25.496398)
Open: All year daily 10-18.
Fee: Adults ROL 15, Children ROL 10.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LED
Dimension: L=1,000m, T=12°C, A=825m asl.
Guided tours: L=330m, D=60min.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Pestera Valea Cetatii, Valea Cetatii no. DN1 E, Rasnov - Brasov, Tel: 0728-961-532, Tel: 0724-345-898. E-mail:
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1949 cave discovered.
2010 begin of development.
2011 opened to the public.


Pestera Valea Cetatii The cave is also called peștera Fundata (Dugout Cave) because its entrance was clogged by cave sediments. It was discovered after the entrance was opened by a flood from inside. It was still too narrow and so the explorers had to dug first to make it passable. During work they joked that this was a dug out cave, and the name stuck.

The cave is now the youngest shoe cave of Romania, and was developed after the newest concepts for cave conservation. The trals are elevated and made of a special sort of fiberglass, which is strong, light, and does not emit any substances. In other words it just sits on the cave floor and could be removed completely at any time. The cave light was from the beginning made with LED lamps, which reduces the needed energy and produces less lampenflora.