Dobroselički Prerast

Доброселички Прераст - Ječmenska pećina

Useful Information

Location: Dobroselica.
23/E-763 between Zlatibor and Nova Varoš, at Borova Glava turn west to Dobroselica.
(43.62353, 19.69868)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: GeologyNatural Bridge TopicCaves Used as Road Tunnels
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=48 m, H=12 m, W=12 m.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Dobroselički Prerast, Dobroselica, Tel: +381-.
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Доброселички Прераст or Dobroselički Prerast (Natural Arch of Dobroselica) is a Natural Bridge, or probably a very huge and short through-cave. It's hard to classify, both categories fit. It has several other names, Точковића пећина/Točkovića pećina, Шупљица/Šupljica, Јечменска пећина/Ječmenska pećina (Barley Cave) or Доброселичка прераст/Dobroselička prerast. No idea what the different letter at the end actually means, we do not speak Serbian. The actual name of this huge arch seems to be Ječmenska pećina (Barley Cave), although it is the one which is published quite rarely. So we used Dobroselički Prerast, which seems to be the most commonly used.

The natural bridge is quite huge, and long ago the road was built through this cave, but it was abandoned long ago. Today the road goes over the hill nearby. But while the road is removed, its former location is used as a footpath and the road makes a strange turn on one side and just ends on the other. It's easy to see where the road once was, but that's long ago, and weathering and slow but continuous rockfall has blocked it. Nevertheless, we added this cave to the short list of TopicCaves Used as Road Tunnels.

Located on the slopes of Zlatibor mountain, this huge cave is hard to find. Only a few hundred meters off the main road 23, at the northern edge of the village Dobroselica, a map or good navi is essential. It seems there are no signs at all, neither for this sight nor for the villages. The turnoff is as nondescript as any other.