Ординская пещера

Ordinskaya Peschtera - Orda Cave

Useful Information

Classification: SpeleologyGypsum cave
Light: none
Dimension: L=4,500 m, A=200 m asl.
Guided tours:
Address: Ordinskaya Peschtera, ul. Gorkogo 65ª - 20, Perm 614000, Tel: +7-902.4729343, Fax: +7-342.2663716. E-mail: contact
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Ordinskaya Peschtera is an underwater cave in gypsum. Located in the vast gypsum area near Perm, several gypsum caves are open to the public. This one is completely filled with water and thus it is not accessible for the average visitor. However, the local cavers try very hard to promote this cave, they also became member of the ISCA, an organization of show cave owners. It seems they try to promote the cave as cave diving adventure. And while cave diving is extremely dangerous, the huge passages and the extremely pure water make this one of the least dangerous caves for cave diving.

A strange thing with their website is the statement, that the cave is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008. Unfortunately this is completely unknown to the UNESCO.