Музей древнего человека

Muzey Drevnego Cheloveka - Museum of Ancient Man

Useful Information

Location: Kamennomostsky. When driving out of town on A-159 south towards Dakhovskaya on the left side. Park at the sculpure of two stone age men.
Fee: Adults RUR 100, Children (7-) RUR 50.
Guided tours: self guided, D=20 min.
Photography: allowed
Address: Muzey Drevnego Cheloveka.
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The small museum Музей древнего человека (Museum of Ancient Man) is located inside a small cave. Dioramas show scenes of ancient man with special emphasis on the Adygean stone age. It mostly shows findings of Acheulean sites in the area, but the interpretation is not scientifically correct. The myth of cave men is propagated despite the fact that they actually just visited the cave and used only the entrance as shelter sometimes. There is also an exhibition of ammonites and other fossils, which is not connected with the topic of the museum.

The reviews of the museum reflect the museum, some are quite impressed, other find it naive and weird. Obviously both are right. The museum is a nice spot for families with children, or to spend 20 funny minutes. Its far from being educative or being a scientific presentation.