Tagansky Protected Command Point

Useful Information

Location: Moskow. 11, 5th Kotelnichesky Pereulok, near Taganskaya metro station.
Open: after apointment.
Classification: ExplainSecret Bunker
Light: electric.
Guided tours: L=600m.
Address: Olga Arkharova, Tel: +7-495-500-4641, Tel: +7-495-500-4642.
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1952 construction started.
1956 completed.
1990s money for maintenance ran out, bunker fell into disrepair.
2006 sold by the State in an auction.
2007 guided exkursions.


The Tagansky Protected Command Point is a bunker, originally built in the 1950s as a communications headquarters for the country's military and political leaders. It was equipped with food, medicine, an air recycling system and diesel generators sufficient for up to 3,000 people to live and work there for 90 days. One entrance connects the bunker with the Taganskaya metro station, which allowed workers to reach the bunker secretly with special metro trains which ran at night. During the 1980s it was operated by the State Central Telegraph agency, with both civilians and military personnel working here. They even started to modernize it after thirty years of use, but this ended in the 1990s with the end of the cold war. The bunker was decomissioned and anything of value removed. The passages became a garbage dump.

The bunker has been sold in 2006 to private investors. They plan to convert the underground structure into a sort of theme park, with a restaurant and possibly a spa. There will be a museum about the Cold War, obviously a good place for such a museum. As most of the equippment was removed the museum will try to reconstruct the original state with items which were donated or bought from their new owners or from other similar locations. This includes for example old telephones, typewriters and devices for measuring radiation. The main command center will also be reconstructed, complete with a map of the world.

The bunker is located about 60m below the surface. There are four interconnected 150-metre tunnels, which means the bunker has a length of 600m. The entrance is located at 11, 5th Kotelnichesky Pereulok in an unassuming 19th-century building. Underneath camouflage netting is the entrance to an high-speed elevator down to the bunker.

At the moment it seems there is still construction work going on. But the site is now open to the public and may be visited by appointment. Now and then there are parties or fashion shows held underground.