Kåtavikens grottstig

Useful Information

Location: At Blåvägen/Kåtaviken, 45 km from Hemavan. Tours start at Hemavan, Lapland.
Open: 01-JUL to 15-AUG Wed.
Booking essential, at least before 15:00 on the day before.
Fee: Adults SEK 400, Children (0-15) SEK 250.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: lamps and gear provided
Dimension: Labyrintgrottan: L=2,400 m.
Sotbäcksgrottan: L=1,750 m.
Guided tours:
Bibliography: (): Grottor i Umeå, A5 format, 29pp, SEK 20.
Address: Tärna fjällturer, Berglundsvägen 13, 92066 Hemavan, Tel: +46-954-30595.
Tärnafjällens turistbyrå, Tel: +46-954-10450.
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1960s caves first explored.


Kåtavikens grottstig is a 4 km long trail which connects various caves. It is located on the southern side of lake Överuman at Kåtaviken, close to the road E12. Several caves along this marked trail can be visited on the walk without caving equipment, the normal trekking outfit plus enough lamps is sufficient. The trail gives a good intruduction into karst and caves in the Swedish mountains.

Two of the caves along the trail named Östra Jordbäcksgrottan and Korkskruvsgrottan are more demanding. They may be visited on cave trekking tours organized by Tärna fjällturer. They require physical fitness and some basic mountaineering knowledge. Also full caving equipment, overall, gloves, rubber boots, helmet and headlamp are required. We recommmend not to visit those caves on your own for your own security.

The Tärna fjäll is an undeveloped highland at the border to Norway. It is also a karst area with many caves, and as Sweden lacks major limestone areas, this is one of the most important karst areas with numerous caves. It is the location of the biggest and longest karst caves in Sweden, namely Labyrintgrottan and Sotbäcksgrottan. However, most caves in the area including those two caves are protected and they are not open to the public.