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Location: West of Aspeå, 15 km southwest Nordmaling. E5 southwest, exit Aspeå, follow signs to naturreservatet.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification: Speleologysea cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Address: Lidbergsgrottorna, Nordmalings kommun, 91481 Nordmaling, Tel: +46-930-14000. E-mail: contact
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1975 nature reserve created.


Lidbergsgrottorna is small nature reseve with several sea caves. The caves are located some 100 m asl, because of the isostatic uplift of Scandinavia. The weight of 3.5 kilometre thick glaciers on the whole area pushed it deep into the molten lava below, when the ice melted some 10,000 years ago the now lighter ground started to uplift, and this movement is still going on. The caves are a fine example which shows this development. They were formed when this area was still at the shore of the Baltic sea, but were uplifted during less than 8,000 years.